Date Posted... Apr 30th 2021




This week in Nursery…

Children display a natural fascination with nurture and growth, so creating their own mini cress garden was no exception. Fine motor skills were enhanced as cress seeds were sprinkled delicately on the soaked cotton pad. Nurturing the seeds and the components needed for growth were aptly discussed, encouraging conversation amongst themselves about the natural world.

The children are very excited to observe their mini gardens grow!

“We heard some fantastic ideas from the children as they grew, wonderful impressions of dandelions, trees and beautiful flowers”, said Mrs Hornegger.

The children grew the flowers alongside a song which was repetitive and great for memory recall. Roll play used instruments to replicate rain, scarves to represent sunshine, and moving their bodies to sway like leaves.

When the group moved to the hall, they re-enacted growing plants. The children were seeds in the dark soil, curled up into a ball, like tiny little seeds. The staff watered the children (aka seeds) to some lovely slot rhythmic music. Floaty scarves were used as sunshine and rain and the little seeds grew exquisitely slowly. They stretched up high growing, reaching up into the air, manoeuvring their bodies as tall as possible.