Date Posted... Sep 22nd 2023




Sustainable Finance with Jamie Craze CO17

Jamie Craze CO17 visited the School on 22 September to share with current students his advice on a career in sustainable finance. Jamie studied at Truro School from 2010-2017, before going to the University of Edinburgh to study Economics & Politics. Jamie spoke to students about studying for his A-Levels (Philosophy, Maths and Economics) and the process of applying to university.

“A-Level results day, for me, was the worst day of my life so far!”. After not receiving the results he expected, Jamie described how he had to make plans for a life after School which he was not expecting. With ambitions to be an investment banker in London, a change in A-Levels meant rethinking what Jamie was interested in, and where he could safely continue to practice fencing alongside his studies. As an international fencer for the British squad, whichever university he ended up at – the sports facilities were an important factor.

With support from the School and his family, he was quickly able to make plans for the University of Edinburgh and moved up to Scotland within a couple weeks of being accepted. The experience that became more unexpected however was founding an events management start-up. Jamie was soon running two-weekly club nights.

Jamie described how at University, he developed an interest for sustainable finance and corporate responsibility which led him to studying further for a Masters in Climate Change Finance and Investment at Edinburgh, of which he completed in 2022.

Today Jamie works for Omnevue, a start-up software engine which connects to businesses’ financial, HR and other data sources to quickly collect, analyse and report on it – to an international accounting standard. Jamie and his team are able to then indicate to a business how sustainable and healthy a company really is.

Huge thanks to Jamie for sharing his journey with the current students, and for his valuable insights into adapting when life doesn’t quite go the way you intended, and forging a career in finance and start-ups.

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