Date Posted... Oct 4th 2023

Super Sedimentary Skills

Our Geology students have been stepping back 310 million years to work on their sedimentary rock knowledge. During a field trip to Upton Cross, these young geologists have been using their knowledge of sedimentary structures to interpret the fluctuating lake and fluvial environment where the rock has been deposited. They also work on their detailed descriptions of sandstone and shale.

This trip also serves as an excellent introduction to the next topic of their GCSE course, which focuses on rock deformation. Here, they also had the opportunity to practice field sketches of large-scale fold structures and develop their problem-solving skills by inferring the location of a strike-slip fault.

Field trips are an essential part of the GCSE and A-Level Geology course, and we are fortunate to have many world-class examples right here on our doorstep. Thank you to our enthusiastic geology department for organising these excursions.