Date Posted... Sep 4th 2023

Summer Refurbishments Complete

During the summer break, our Estates Team have worked around the clock to enhance our facilities in preparation for the upcoming academic year. Building upon the success of last year’s biology refurbishment, we have extended our efforts to the physics department, providing a modern refresh to the lab facilities with new furniture, storage and state-of-the-art interactive screens.

Additionally, we have revitalised our library; this beautifully historic building once housed the boys’ dormitory. All pupils use this hard-working space in their weekly timetable, and it is somewhere pupils can enjoy a fabulous view of the school grounds through the beautiful rose window. This calming space full of books is a place for reading, private study, collaborative learning, and after-school study.

The Sixth Form common room has undergone a contemporary transformation this summer too, creating a light-filled modern workspace for our students. This re-designed space features acoustic panelling, new furniture and dedicated areas for collaboration, relaxation, and private study. The Sixth Form Centre, combined with our dedicated Sixth Form Café, provide a dynamic hub for our students to flourish academically and socially.

At the Prep School, you will notice some improvements to the School driveway to protect the local trees, and the foyer and reception areas have also been refreshed.

We are incredibly excited to share these new spaces with our pupils and would like to thank Mr Lamboll and all of his team, who work so hard behind the scenes to maintain our facilities and help us provide inspiring spaces for learning and growth.