Date Posted... Oct 14th 2021




Stunning Scientific Studies

Budding Scientists have been busy at Truro School Prep this week. The Year 5s have been making mini lava lamps as a part of their studies of Mixtures. They found that water and oil are immiscible liquids, discussed density, learned about the chemical reaction involved in the experiment and why the bubbles rose and then fell down again.

Meanwhile, the Year 6 classes have been looking at burning. They investigated the “fire triangle”; by making carbon dioxide gas and pouring it over a lit candle, they showed that removing oxygen and replacing it with carbon dioxide extinguishes the flame.

Year 4 have been exploring animal habitats and sorting animals and plants accordingly. Pupils had to think up their own questions to help them to sort and identify their living things, in a lively and fun lesson.

With thanks to Mr Piper for the brilliant photos and lessons.