Date Posted... Mar 12th 2020



Sixth Form

Students deliver their EPQ projects

This year’s Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) students presented their projects in the Chapel and Burrell theatre.

The topics ranged form Water Security to German Unification with a plethora in between. The audience’s questions were challenging but excellent and really highlighted the depth in the students knowledge. There were opportunities to see the artefacts and talk with the students about their experiences. It is always a fascinating evening with a variety of topics but each year, the students demonstrate what remarkable talent they have and the academic ability they have reached.

Thank you to all those who came along and supported the students this year; as well as a huge thank you to the supervisors and Mrs Stone for her continued support in delivering this qualification. If you are keen to look into doing this qualification at sixth form, contact Mrs Thurlow at [email protected].

The Extended Project Qualification at Truro School is an established A-Level programme that equips students with a range of professional, academic and personal skills. From researching to referencing; discussing to creating; each student’s project is a unique venture into a personalised area of interest. Students select one project from an option of four (artefact, dissertation, investigation and performance) and delves into a defined area of enquiry. After completing their projects, they are finally required to present their work to a nonspecialist audience. Abstracts from the students work can be found on the links below: