Date Posted... Apr 16th 2020



Virtual Learning

Stronger Together

“When you listen to the news, it’s not always clear whether the world will emerge from this pandemic more united or more divided. What seems blindingly obvious to me is that we are Together Stronger. For our part as the Truro School community we are choosing the more united option!” Andrew Gordon-Brown.

We are very proud to be part of such a strong community and thank you to everyone for their ongoing support. Here are just some of the lovely messages that we have received, thank you…. together we are stronger.


Firstly, a big thank you from us for all that you have done as a school to support the children, the school community and local community in navigating this new world in which we find ourselves. It is encouraging and heart warming to see the example that you are setting, and I hope that the messages of your creativity in community support are made known to the children as they return to school tomorrow.


Many thanks. I delighted to find that I don’t have a clue what they’ve been up to for the last week.  I consider this evidence the system is running effectively as ‘online schooling’ rather than ‘home schooling’ for which I’m very grateful.


Please pass on our congratulations to all your teachers and staff in getting through this first and strange week of learning. We have been very impressed by the different lessons our children have been part of, especially with the teacher interaction and also the peer chat as they support each other through the subject groups. The children need this interaction with each other to maintain their friendships and their sanity!


I hope this email finds you well. First of all I want to thank you and the teachers for all you’re doing for the children in these uncertain times. I know it is a huge challenge and we’re all having to adapt to a very different life.

Firstly, thank you for supporting the children with some school routine this week. I can’t tell you how much this has helped, just having a structure, being busy away from this horrible situation. I appreciate everything the school is doing.


At the end of this extraordinary week, we just wanted to pass on our thanks to the entire teaching team and to acknowledge that everyone is now effectively running two schools, online and real…. We’re also very conscious that staff looking after key worker children are at greater risk of infection and have additional stress in this. This sacrifice benefits us all but it is a very significant one. Thank you!


Huge appreciation to you and all the team for all your hard work to deliver really excellent remote learning to all the students.


I am choked by this letter (27/3/20). thank you for everything you have done and are doing to continue keeping ‘our community together’. Happy Easter to all and THANK YOU


it came as no surprise to me that  xxxx would fully embrace the challenges of working remotely. Indeed, having checked in on him now and again today, while working from home myself, I was absolutely delighted to see how up-beat he seemed to be; completely at ease with a very different format, and telling me what a great day he’d had, even finishing for lunch bang on 12.55 as usual! A great testament of course to all the hard work you and your colleagues have put in at very short notice to make all this work


I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful colleagues for making today an enjoyable one for xxxx. He began the day being anxious and ended it very happily. He enjoyed his interactive lessons and worked well independently. The work was all engaging and challenging. We’re really grateful to you all for your hard work.