Date Posted... Mar 31st 2021

Steps: Student Magazine Launches

Thanks to the hard work of the student magazine team (pictured above) we are pleased to launch Steps.

Head Girl Jenny commented, “When we moved to online learning, we found new ways of sharing ideas and celebrating achievements both big and small, personal and professional. There seemed to be so much happening inside and outside of school such as sponsored walks for charity, incredible artwork, learning to bake and exploring a new way of living. We realised that there was more to celebrate besides academic achievements and we wanted to create a space where we could share them all. With this in mind we decided to create Steps – a student magazine run by Sixth Form prefects that would showcase all of the wonderful things we do besides purely academia.”

The inaugural issue of the half-termly magazine is out now but the team invites submissions from across the year groups for future issues: “We’d love to hear what you’re up to whether you’ve written a short story, started a band, raised some money for charity, helped in the community or been somewhere local you’d love to share. We are open to any and all submissions that celebrate what you’ve been doing besides academia. Please email us at [email protected] with your achievements and what you would like to see in upcoming editions!”