Date Posted... Nov 8th 2023

Skills in Self-Defence

Sixth Formers have been learning some basic self-defence moves as part of their elective for the Sixth Form Diploma. Stephen from Ashiita-Kai Karate runs this 8-week programme three times a fortnight for our Sixth Form Students who select it as one of their ‘personal growth’ electives in the Sixth Form Diploma.

Stephen, who has taught karate for 24 years, explained these sessions aren’t about teaching martial arts. They are simply learning and practising some solid skills to help these students get out of trouble as safely as possible.

Supra-curricular modules within the Sixth Form Diploma are designed to support students with valuable skills that go beyond the academic and this is one of many options students can select; these can also include beach lifesaving, free diving, scuba diving and our seasonaires certificate in ski chalet/ yacht cookery course.

One of our Sixth Formers said, “ I have chosen to do this as part of the Sixth Form Diploma because I think it might be a useful skill in the future, and it is good for my confidence.”

Jakob, one of our International Boarders said, “I have chosen to do self-defence because it not only teaches me the skills to help in a dangerous situation, but it also creates an awareness of how to approach and deal with that situation”