Date Posted... Apr 1st 2022

Ships Ahoy for Year 3’s Treasure Island

The Truro School Prep Assembly Hall was transformed into a pirate ship and a desert island on Thursday as the Year 3’s took to the stage to perform Treasure Island.

The story follows young Jim Hawkins (played by Florence and Emmie) as he helps to save the day and uncover the hidden treasure, whilst battling against mutiny, mutiny within a mutiny and some dastardly pirates led by Long John Silver (played by Alyssia and Rory).

Directed by Mrs Eva and with Mr Wright on the piano, the cast was a wonderfully motley crew of goodies, pirates, mice, ghosts and villagers. The pupils sang beautifully and the narrators and actors held the stage magnificently. Some of the highlights included the cheese-hungry Ben Gunn (Tilda) and his supporting mice, the hapless “new recruits” who failed to master their basic pirate lessons and the fabulous backdrops, created by the Year 3s.

A huge thanks go out to all of the production team who helped with costumes, props, programme design, lighting, sound and much much more. And of course, thanks to all of the pupils, staff and parents who work so hard to bring these fantastic performances to life.

We hope you enjoy the photos from the play; some real-life treasures to cherish for all of those involved.