Date Posted... Jun 19th 2020

Senior School welcomes partial return of pupils

Though it is not the summer term we are used to, Truro School welcomed back partial groups of 4th Years and Lower Sixths this week, but remote education remains the predominant mode of learning for the rest of the term.

Protective measures have been implemented to accommodate for 25% of both year groups at any one time and the students will be in for two days.

The face-to-face support will focus on the wellbeing of pupils and looking into their individual journeys for the future. They will have the opportunity to build on the work from the “Inspiring Futures” Programme, pastoral check-in, spending some time on core subjects, and have an academic review.

The first day consisted of going over new rules and checking in with everyone, wellbeing activity, welfare meeting with a member of the safeguarding team, writing a CV, and a one to one tutor pastoral meeting. Day two will consist of English Language lesson, one to one review with Maths teacher and a review with their tutor on academic progress.

Head of Pastoral Emma Ellison said: “We have had a lot of positive feedback with our remote learning programme and so we’d like to place the emphasis on the in-school time on the students’ welfare and building on our Inspiring Futures Day, with a focus on careers and building a personal development plan. We have been checking in with them, listening to their experiences, how they’re feeling about the last few months and the future, and letting them talk to us about whatever they need to.”

In their one to one wellbeing chats, 4th Year pupils said they were ‘excited to see their friends’ and ‘real school is better than online school’ as they ‘like working with others and having the support of a real teacher in the room’. Many said they were ‘not worried about their GCSEs as they know they have been taught well this term’ and that the positives of being at home were having time with their families and time to enjoy the outdoors such as running, cycling, surfing and even making dens.

Lower Sixth students will have the opportunity to take part in their Post-18 Options Day, attend relevant subject Clinics, have a one-to-one academic review with their tutor, and a welfare meeting with a member of the safeguarding team.