Date Posted... Oct 4th 2023

Saluting our Sisters – Black History Month

‘Saluting Our Sisters’ is the theme for Black History Month and this year, where we will be shining a spotlight on the incredible contributions of Black women throughout history.

As a multicultural school, with students from around the world, we believe in celebrating all races, faiths, countries, and cultures. Throughout October, you will notice posters and displays in our school and Sixth Form Centre and Cafe, each introducing Black women who have achieved something remarkable in fields such as literature, science, leadership, and sports.

We encourage everyone to take a few moments to stop and read about these remarkable women featured on the posters and draw inspiration from them. Their tales are a testament to their hard work, innovation and ambitious dreams, something which we all aspire towards.

Do look out for information on:

Sheroes Amongst Us: Highlighting renowned Black women of our time, like Naomi Campbell, Dina Asher-Smith and Moira Stewart.

Pioneering Voices: Celebrating women, such as Yvette Williams and Olive Morris who’ve spoken up and championed change.

Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Focusing on successful and pioneering women, such as Kanya King, Jacky Wright and Izzy Obeng.

Women Who Move Mountains: Showcasing Black Women in Science and Technology such as Dr Samantha Tross and Gisela Abbam.

Women Who Lead will introduce you to powerful women in leadership positions such as Baroness Amos and Baroness Lawrence.

Whilst we will focus on celebrating innovative Black women, we will also be hosting the wonderful Dr Charlie Easmon, a medical doctor and civil rights activist, on 6 October, 1pm in the Burrell Theatre, who will be delivering a thought-provoking talk on the History of Prejudice, giving us all an opportunity to reflect, think and question our own beliefs on this topic. All year groups welcome.