Date Posted... Mar 10th 2023

Sailing into Summer

Sailing sessions will be back on the Wednesday Afternoon Activity list next term. Pupils will once again get the opportunity to try sailing for the first time on the Helford River under the guidance of RYA-certified instructors. New and inexperienced sailors can develop their skills on a range of boats and, if they wish, can make steps towards pursuing their RYA key skills.

Mrs Norfolk invited Rupert and Martin from The Children’s Sailing Trust(CST)  to hold a sailing showcase in the SBA this lunchtime, where they introduced pupils and sports scholars to a new sport not otherwise on the curriculum.

Rupert Whelan, Activities manager at the Trust, explained to pupils that it is much more than just getting into a boat and going from A to B. It teaches and tests a whole set of skills right from the offset, including resilience, communication, problem-solving, and decision-making, and it is a lot of fun.

Jack, from 2nd Year, was introduced to sailing through CST and now sails every weekend as part of a two-person team. He was also able to demonstrate some very nifty knot skills.

He says, “ it’s great to get out on the water and learn new skills, and I would recommend sailing as WAA to anybody.”

The new WWA club list will be available soon. CST run courses year-round in Helford (summer) and at Trevassack Lake.