Date Posted... Mar 30th 2021



Senior School

Rowing the length of the Thames for charity

1st Year pupil Felicity has completed a very impressive challenge, rowing the length of the Thames (346km) in 30 days, raising £666 for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Felicity’s intention was to raise as much money as possible for Great Ormond Street Hospital, hoping for £1 for every kilometre she rowed. She far exceeded her initial fundraising target.

Felicity had never used the Concept 2 rower before and it took her two days to actually sit down and work out how many kilometres a day she was going to have to row to meet her goal. She set the fan to 5 (drag factor of 126) and with a slow start of 4km the first day and 2km the second day, she soon realised that she was going to have to up her game to 3 rows a day of 4km each row.

As the days turned into weeks, Felicity got stronger and faster, completing 4km in 23 minutes, and with great tenacity and a big heart for charity she completed the gruelling task.

A huge well done to Felicity!