Date Posted... Oct 16th 2019




Say Cheese! Reception learn about having a healthy smile

Reception learnt all about teeth when Freya’s parents, Mr and Mrs McHugh who are both dentists, came to talk to the children.

In the last couple of weeks, Reception class have been learning about healthy eating, and last week made smoothies using a mixture of fruits. There was a choice between ‘Pink Power’ (Beetroot) or ‘Green Goodness’.

The dentist pair spoke about what they do and look for when you go for a check-up, what to eat often and on occasion, and how to brush teeth properly.

The pupils were very interested in what they had to say, and the curious bunch asked plenty of questions including:

Ernie – Do you need a special camera to look at teeth?

Raz- Do you x-ray teeth?

Oliver B – How many teeth do we have?

Ashleigh- Why do dentists need to check teeth?

Arlo – How do teeth grow?

Hennie – How do dentists use the mirror to look at teeth.

Harvey – Why do you need to check teeth?