Date Posted... Dec 3rd 2019




Pupils visit Langholme Methodist Home

As part of Year 3’s Humanities work the pupils visited Langholme Methodist Home for the Aged. The home provides dedicated residential and dementia care to the elderly and the children had a wonderfully rewarding time. The pupils showed great maturity in the environment and enjoyed sharing stories and ‘chewing the fat’ with a number of elderly residents.

The pupils spent an hour chatting with the residents, listening to memories from their childhoods and descriptions of their school days and the games they played as children. In turn, the children talked about their favourite subjects, their families and all the things that they like to get up to.

The children had a lovely time and when asked to describe their memories about their trip, they replied:

“It was very clam and peaceful there.
The people were very friendly.
One person said they worked for Buckingham Palace doing general chores.
They went to school in WW2 when they were 11 years old.
The people responded to them.”