Date Posted... Nov 26th 2020

Professionals give students career advice

Many professionals this week have joined Truro School pupils and students to give career advice based on their experiences in their respective professions.

Molly, a medical student at University of Exeter, talked about the early beginnings of her journey on getting into university, what they’re looking for in a candidate, and what it takes to be offered a place.

Chris, a paediatrician at Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske, is a consultant with many years’ experience. He spoke about the types of treatments he’s given over the years and the perks of working with children, but was also very honest on the realities of being a doctor.

An Old Truronian, Warwick Royden, led a discussion about starting up a business, the advantages and disadvantages of working for yourself and the skills you need to be a successful entrepreneur. He has been running his own companies (including an outdoor cinema and nightclub) since he left university.