Date Posted... Jun 4th 2020

Prep Cookery: Bread and Soup

Cookery skills: Bread and soup

We know that it can be tricky to source ingredients at the moment, so making an easy vegetable soup is perfect – as you can add whatever you have.

Some of the children chose to make the soup. Kayo (Year 6) made a vibrant tomato and carrot soup, Henry (Year 3) chose a carrot and ginger soup, Ben M (Year 6) made tomato soup, while George K (Year 6) went for a delicious carrot and parsnip soup.

The children were given an optional alternative of making bread: flatbread or soda bread. But, as you can see, some showed real confidence by baking focaccia, fougasse and parmesan twists.

Dylan (Year 6) made coconut bread, which apparently took him hours but ‘was really worth it.’ Rosie (Year 4) made focaccia, Christian (Year 4) went for soda bread, and Ayesha mixed up some mean flatbreads.

Sally Luxton