Date Posted... Feb 26th 2021

Prep Cookery

The Great Cornish Bake Off!

As you can see, from the sensational gallery of photos, the cookery activity has been a huge success.

It has proved to be the perfect antidote to online learning – from the joy of choosing a recipe, to measuring ingredients and making or baking something completely new…

Year 3 and Year 4 cookery

Session 1 – Pizza, Session 2 – Soup, Session 3 – Turnovers, Session 4 – Chocolate muffins

Well done to Megan (soda bread), Charlie (chocolate muffins), Isaac (muffins) and Oliver (soda bread) in Year 3.

We were also very impressed with Henry (apple turnovers, cinnamon swirls), Harry R (tomato and pepper soup, chocolate and banana muffins, fried eggs), Millie (chocolate muffins) and Archie (madeira cake, circus biscuits) in Year 4.

Year 5 and Year 6 cookery

Session 1 – Pizza or soup, Session 2 – Pasties, Session 3 – Pasta with homemade tomato sauce, Session 4 – soda bread, Session 5 – Victoria sponge

Great baking from Rosie (honeycomb, celebration cake with two layers), Louis (Victoria sponge), Archie (soda bread, feta and cheese pastries, biscuits), Gabriel (pasty, pizza, tea and lemon mini loaves, coffee cake, marmalade), Sanna (granola, soda bread), Finley (banana cake) and Oscar (fajitas, soda bread with cherry and raisins) in Year 5.

And finally, in Year 6, congratulations to Jack M (loaf of bread), Isabelle (pasty), Sarang (puff pastry, fajita, burrito), Ayesha (soda bread), Woody (rocky road), Christian (soda bread, fajitas), Grace (pasties), Ameera (Victoria sponge) and Joe O (Victoria sponge).

Mrs Luxton