Date Posted... Jun 7th 2024




Prehistoric Adventures at Kresen Kernow

Our Year 3 pupils had the chance to be archaeologists as they visited Kresen Kernow (‘Cornwall Centre’), home to the world’s largest collection of documents, books, maps and photographs related to Cornwall’s history. With 14 miles of shelving storing over 1.5 million of Cornwall’s treasured archives, the children thoroughly enjoyed their tour and the chance to explore the Cornish library.

On this visit, our pupils delved into prehistoric Britain, taking part in a thrilling workshop that gave them a chance to examine various artefacts and maps of historic sites in Cornwall. As budding archaeologists, they were able to uncover some fantastic research that culminates their studies on the prehistoric period.

A huge thanks to all of the staff who made the trip possible and to the team at Kresen Kernow for bringing their learning to life in such a relevant and inspiring way.