Date Posted... May 21st 2020

Play with trees

Did you know that the world’s largest trees are the Giant Sequoias of California?

These are the very same trees that fascinated the Scottish naturalist and environmentalist John Muir, when he first settled in California.

They grow to an average height of 50-85m and have an average diameter of 6-8m. Apparently, the record is 94.8m high and 17m in diameter, which is roughly the same height as Big Ben!

Although we don’t have any Giant Sequoias at school, we do have plenty of trees.

Luckily, the online resources from the Eden Project are fantastic. There are three different ‘play with trees’ activities: bark rubbing, telling the age of a tree and working out the height of a tree.

Why not take a look at what the children have been up to – and then head outdoors and try it out for yourselves?