Date Posted... Apr 28th 2023

Planting for the Future in Eco Club

Our new Truro School Prep Eco Club was busy planting saplings this week. The saplings were given to the school by the Woodland Trust, which set up a tree-planting initiative last year as a part of the Queen’s jubilee celebrations. Organisations could apply to the Trust, which then sent out batches of tree saplings around the country.

Our Pre Prep children have already been hard at work planting trees in their area, and this week our new Eco Club saw Year 6 pupils joining with their buddy Year 3 pupils to plant their first trees.

Each week different groups of children will be invited to plant their paired tree which will then be ‘theirs’ to keep watch over as it grows. Colin gave a great lesson in gardening. The children learnt all of the Latin names of the tree species they were planting, which included Hazel, Crab Apple and Dogwood, as well as the value of mulch to hold water around the roots and how to protect the saplings from rabbits.

A huge thank you to Colin, the Woodland Trust and our fantastic Eco Club pupils for all of their hard work and care.