Date Posted... Sep 19th 2023

Peer to Peer Mentoring Support

At the end of the previous academic year, twenty-two Lower Sixth Formers successfully completed the ACHE (Advice, Care, Help, and Empathy) peer mentoring scheme. This 16-week training program forms part of the Sixth Form Diploma and equips students to provide support and guidance as peer mentors within the school.

Starting this week, Upper Sixth Formers are actively engaging with students across the School through various activities such as assemblies, a Macmillan Charity bake sale, and informal class drop-in sessions. Their aim is to raise awareness about their roles and offer a compassionate listening ear to any students in need.

During a recent assembly, Reverend Helen Byrne, who leads the program, spoke about finding inner peace and calm in celebration of United Nations World Peace Day. An ACHE mentor was invited to light a candle and the mentors shared information about their role in the school. Specifically addressing 5th Years, Reverend Helen encouraged pupils to connect with these mentors who have already experienced GCSE exams and can provide valuable advice and support based on their shared experiences.

Engaging in peer support allows individuals to share their experiences, offer guidance, and provide a listening ear to those facing challenges or seeking advice. This peer-to-peer support system is an effective component of the school’s Pastoral network.

The ACHE mentoring program is open to all Lower Sixth Formers as part of the Sixth Form Diploma and covers an intensive curriculum that includes workshops on leadership, team building, peer listening, bullying/cyberbullying, sex and relationships, child protection, coping with stress/sleep hygiene, and learning support. The program culminates in an ACHE mentors’ graduation dinner, enabling students to develop lifelong skills and qualities that will benefit them as colleagues, friends, and future leaders.