Date Posted... Apr 30th 2024

Colours Awarded for Outdoor Pursuits

School Colours have been awarded to pupils who have contributed significantly to Outdoor Pursuits in 2022 and 2023. Thirteen 5th Years and four Upper Sixth Formers were awarded colours at a lunch hosted by the Outdoor Pursuits team in the Heseltine Gallery.

Mr Aston regaled some fabulous anecdotes from their excursions and praised all individuals who have shown considerable dedication in preparation for their Ten Tors events, each requiring a minimum of 10 training walks for their 35, 45, and 55-mile challenges. All were recognised for their courage, compassion, determination and fantastic teamwork.

It was also acknowledged that these events require huge amounts of planning and preparation and without the considerable help of friends, family, and staff who give up their spare time to support these endeavours, these events simply wouldn’t happen.

Congratulations to everyone who received their colours today and good luck to those teams who are busily planning and training for the next Ten Tors event in May.