Date Posted... Mar 4th 2022




Onesie Wednesday

Today, our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children donned their fabulous, furry fun-suits for ‘Onesie Wednesday’. The invitation for a change from uniform was a reward for all our children’s excellent efforts; voted on using tokens collected by them for using our core values of the 5Cs: Curiosity, Compassion, Courage, Creativity and Confidence.

The Values, represented by our Cornish learning friends: Buzz the Bee, Neil the Seal, Hazel the Squirrel, Daphne the Dolphin and Charlie the Chough respectively, are recognised by the award of a sticker and a token when any of our children demonstrate their use really well throughout our daily activities. The different colours used for each value identified that confidence and compassion were our strengths this half term.

The ‘Onesie Wednesday’ reward was clearly a popular choice with the tube overflowing with more than a week left of the voting, with smiling faces showing how ‘Choughed’ the children were with their prize.

If any of our families have any suggestions for a whole school activity that would make an equally awesome incentive, please get in touch with one of our Pre-Prep team.