Date Posted... Jan 28th 2021

Ollie Jones Music

In 2019, Ollie had a total hip replacement after three years of battling with arthritis. During that time, Ollie was distraught at not being able to play his cello, or the piano, so re-found a love for composing music. Since then, 15-year-old Ollie has been on a remarkable journey of curiosity and creativity; he recently contacted us to share his story.

“I spent endless hours writing my own music in the styles similar to that from film/tv, and akin to the likes of Ludovico Einaudi and Hans Zimmer. After my operation, I had composed four pieces so decided to look into how to put my music on streaming platforms such as Spotify/Deezer etc. I found a company called “Ditto Music” that were willing to do so. I compiled my four pieces, created a website and released my first ever solo album, called “Images” which highlight the ups and downs of my life with arthritis, and then a new hip.

“This sparked my curiosity further to really see how professional musicians survive, despite the financial stereotype! I took online courses throughout my recovery to show me how to construct a great website, and how to set up an E-commerce feature on it. I started making CDs and sheet music for my album that sold within months of being put on sale! This small amount of money along with the tiny amounts I was earning from streams, pushed me to further endorse my knowledge on such subjects.

“In March 2020, the first ever UK lockdown was put into place, and I started to focus on school and academic studies for a bit, but I did start social media pages and accounts, and with help from my parents, I got many more fans of my music than I would ever imagine. This, in turn, boosted sales of pretty much everything! Someone told me to start making “merchandise” which, again, sparked a streak of trawling the internet to find such companies that would help me do so! I found “Bonfire,” a company that makes mugs, t-shirts and other merchandise for free, and all profits go towards charitable causes! I got lots of sales in the first few months.

“In August, I released another five songs in an album called “Flight” and was featured on radio stations, and YouTube channels more. I then released another album consisting of three songs called “The Cellist” in December.

“I have learnt everything from managing a business and a website, negotiating customers, making CDs/sheet music, learning how to use music software such as GarageBand and Sibelius, managing an E-commerce store and exactly how to create a user interface that “lures” customers and stops them making second decisions! It has been so interesting.”

A huge thank you to Ollie for sharing his truly exceptional story and we wholeheartedly congratulate him on his brilliant creativity and his determination to be curious.

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