Date Posted... Mar 18th 2021

Nine students receive awards from Chemistry Olympiad

In late January, a number of Truro School students took on the prestigious RSC Chemistry Olympiad, which is the leading national Chemistry competition for students under 18. We are delighted to report the best grades obtained in the last ten years, with many outstanding performances. The paper is designed to test chemical knowledge linked to problems solved by Chemistry in the real world.

An incredible total of nine awards have been presented to our students this year, and we are delighted with the dedication and resolve of the group to challenge themselves with this competition. Henry managed to achieve a magnificent Gold award, whilst Alistair, Benjy and Ed scored highly, all gaining Silver awards. Strong performances were also seen by Isaac, Zoe, Kushal, Louis and Soumya who all presented with Bronze awards. A special mention needs to be given to both Ed and Soumya, for entering the competition which is designed for students who are about to complete their A2 studies.