Date Posted... Mar 2nd 2023

New Terraced Seating on the Terraces

Visitors and pupils may have noticed some work taking place on the second terrace in front of our School. Here the estate team are working on an exciting project to regenerate the area. It will be returned to a multi-use terraced seating area, not too different from how the school founders originally envisaged it.

The invasive rhododendrons have now been removed to make way for traditional yew hedging, which will eventually provide a thick, well-managed hedge linking all the way around to the Celebration Garden. We hope the new seating area will be in use by early summer.

We love the below image, taken by Griffith Sandy, showing an earlier use of terraces for a Speech Day gymnastics demonstration in 1951.

A big thank you to the estates, gardens and maintenance teams for all your hard work, and we look forward to using the seating area, with newly installed electrical systems for events and performances.