Date Posted... Feb 7th 2024

My Voice Matters

The theme of “My Voice Matters” has had all pupils embrace their unique voices to make themselves heard. Inspired by Children’s Mental Health Week, our assemblies have celebrated self-expression and unity.

Rev. Helen spoke to pupils about the power of finding their voice in school and amongst their peers,  and flagged in a timely follow-up to Saturday’s event, ‘Celebrating the Power of Music’, which showcased the extraordinary musical talent within our school and local community. It reminded us that choirs and music groups help create a great sense of belonging and well-being. Our sporting teams also recognise the magic of music, with post-match sing-alongs on the bus ride home often becoming a highlight of their journeys.

Mr Sanderson has invited many pupils sporting teams up onto the stage this week to lead the assembly singing in the chapel; everyone enjoys music in some form, and a good sing certainly lifts the spirits. Every morning this week, our ‘bus’ singers have led the chapel in a rousing rendition of ‘Great Jehova’, causing the chapel roof to be raised even higher than usual.

Also, a reminder to pupils and staff about our new choir, ‘Let’s Sing the Beetles’, on Wednesdays from 1-1.30 pm in the Burrell Theatre. All welcome.