Date Posted... Mar 12th 2024





Morning Routines in Pre-Prep

Mornings at Pre-Prep are carefully crafted to create opportunities for developing key social skills and to ready our youngest Truro School pupils for a day of learning.

Every morning, families are greeted by the Heads of Pre-Prep, allowing them to check in and share any updates before the children head off to Willday House.

In KS1, the children are given some important social time while others read with adults. This time helps to support the development of listening, sharing and problem-solving skills and allows our children to regulate their emotions and relationships with other children.

They are then ready for their more structured morning activities including phonics four times a week and handwriting or targeted intervention activities for every child in Year 2.

In Reception, the day also starts with some social time before pupils move on to daily mindfulness sessions. This calms the pupils and prepares them for their day of learning, starting with a rotation of subjects including phonics, Maths, Spanish, Music, Forest School, swimming or PE.