Mandarin on the Menu for Sixth Form Diploma

Courage and curiosity were on display at a recent Mandarin Class here at Truro School.

Mandarin is available as an option for the newly launched Sixth Form Diploma. Designed to be run around the core academic curriculum, the Diploma offers Sixth Formers the opportunity to document their development and explore areas of interest within supra-curricular, personal growth, leadership and service.

The Mandarin Classes, led by Mrs Monnier-Gilchrist allow students to develop their spoken and written Mandarin.  It was great to see the names students had created for themselves, which they felt expressed their personality best. And, as the lesson progressed, how each student grew in confidence within the language.

One student, Olly, explained why he had chosen this option for his Diploma, “Mandarin is a very popular language globally. I want to travel abroad, so modern languages like French and German and increasingly Mandarin, are incredibly important.”

To find out more about the Sixth Form Diploma, visit Diploma Aspire – Truro School