Date Posted... Dec 12th 2019

Lower Sixth practise politics

The students were divided up into 10 parties and given ethos statements without knowing which true to life party they were representing. In the first session, their task was to create a party name, logo and slogan and prepare a short presentation based on the ethos card they were presented with.

In the next session, they had to hone in on specific policies which they considered to be reflective of their respective parties. These included Healthcare, Environment, utilities & transport, Brexit, the Economy, Defence, Social Protection, Foreign policy, Human rights and Law and order. They were tasked with producing a manifesto on three areas with the aid of 2018 government spending data.

During the session there was a critical incident which involved a cyber-attack on the NHS. The parties had to write a press release indicating how they would deal with the situation.

After lunch, the parties viewed the displayed manifestos and press releases and decided upon questions to pose in the Question Time session. Jane Rainbow, our former Head of 6th Form, chaired the session in her inimitable manner, challenging the students on the panel representing their parties and giving the students on the floor the opportunity to debate the issues further.

The aim of the day was to give students a better understanding of the political process in the UK but to also emphasise the need for people to listen to other’s view point and debate in a civilised and respectful manner. Our students were impressive and showed real engagement throughout the day. There was a prize for the best group, the grey party (FLOCK) which was based on their collaboration and presentation of their party. An individual prize went to Jenny Douce who we felt represented the ethos of the day, not only in the way she worked with her party but her questioning and engagement in the debates.

Ingrid Quaife