Date Posted... Jan 30th 2024

Lower Sixth Explore STEM at Plymouth University

The Lower Sixth Physicists recently had an incredible opportunity to visit Plymouth University and gain firsthand experience of university life and the diverse range of STEM courses available after completing their A-levels. The day was filled with interactive exhibits that left a lasting impression on the students.

They had the chance to explore the fascinating world of science through activities such as using an electron microscope, trying out a COMMS diving mask, and witnessing the application of robotics in medicine. Additionally, they were introduced to the captivating realm of soap films, discovering their unique properties and applications.

One particularly eye-opening moment was the realization that passwords can be compromised in as little as 6 seconds, highlighting the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital age.

The day at Plymouth University served as a catalyst for inspiration and enthusiasm among the students as they begin contemplating their future paths. The exposure to various scientific disciplines and cutting-edge technologies has sparked their curiosity and ignited their passion for further exploration.