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Louis Simpson CO03

Old Truronians - Louis and Jess Simpson

In the last edition of The Truronian 2022/23, we were delighted to share even more stories about just a few of our Old Truronians who have kindly shared their journeys after leaving Truro School with the Development and Alumni Relations team.

Louis Simpson attended the School between 1996-2003 after receiving a scholarship for Maths to Truro School Prep. He joins a line of Simpsons who have attended, including his father David Simpson CO80, and uncles Antony Simpson CO81, and Mark Simpson CO78. Louis is married to Jess Simpson nee King CO06, who is also an Old Truronian. Together they own Skinners Brewery (amongst other businesses), one of Cornwall’s most recognisable and iconic brands. 

Did you enjoy your time at Truro School?

I loved it. Some of my fondest memories are of time spent at the School. Sending my children there has been my driving force in starting my own business.

Do you have any special or specific memories of your time at Truro School?

Many. Though they include such events as having three detentions on a single lunchtime (late homework, talking in class). Being recognised by all staff was important and valued. Beyond the education, the friendships I formed are the most important part of my Truro School experience.

Did you have any siblings or other relations at Truro School? If so what are their names:

Abraham Simpson CO09, Charlie Simpson CO05, Joe Simpson CO12, Gemma Simpson CO02. Brothers and cousins.

Did you have any specific career dreams or aspirations? Or when did you first decide upon a particular path?

No, I had one driving motivation and that was to send my children to private school. Whatever career could offer this was of interest to me. So long as I didn’t end up in the sea! I am terrified of sharks etc.

What did you do immediately after leaving Truro School?

Worked for call centers to build a fund for my own business. The work was not my ideal but the pay was great.

Where do you live now?

Summercourt, Cornwall.

Where do you work now and where is your employment based?

Director of multiple companies in Cornwall, with a retail store in Bromley.

What does your current role entail?

Everything. I do what other people are not available to do on any given day and enjoy working in the kitchen / buying collections from Warhammer.

Is there anything that you are especially proud of relating to your life or career?

Being able to send my two children to Truro School.

Did you consider any other career?

I trained to be a financial advisor as I like maths and money but I left this to get real-world business experience. Had I been naturally talented I would have loved to sing, draw, play an instrument, or dance. Sadly these were far from viable options!

Is there any advice you could offer anyone considering a similar life or career path?

Learn from others’ mistakes. So often wins are based on the right time and right place but losses are easy to avoid repeating.

Please tell us a little about your family life

I have a wife and two kids and they are my motivation. My dad and uncles all went to Truro (David Simpson CO80, Antony Simpson CO81, Mark Simpson CO78. My wife is a fellow Old Truronian Jess Simpson CO06. Her parents moved to Scotland as they have roots there but all four of their children went to Truro School too (Andrew CO09, Katie CO05, Charlotte King).

What are your hobbies or how is your leisure time spent?

I enjoy my work and watching football. I particularly enjoy cooking in our taproom or buying extensive Warhammer collections.

Are you still in touch with anyone from your time at Truro School?

A lot of people though not as regularly as I might like. I have time for all my old classmates and really enjoy whenever they reach out. I recently started talking to Chris Cooke CO03 after years of no communication. We sent each other some alcohol and had great conversations like it had been only days since we last spoke. Sam Healey CO03, Francis Clarke CO03, and Jon Perry CO03 are people I am most in touch with from my own school friends. Jess has a far better connection with old school friends. Two are godparents to our children! (Jess Hudson CO06 and Jess Hagley CO06) – a lot of ‘Jess’!

Do you feel your time at School, or anything about your time here, helped you to progress in later life?

Absolutely to the point, I would walk over hot coals to ensure my children get the same chance I did in attending Truro School.

What are your immediate / long term plans for the future?

I do not aspire to take over the world. I just want to enjoy and diversify my daily work while setting up a foundation in business for my children to move into.

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