Date Posted... Nov 26th 2021




London is Burning at Truro School Prep

Learning was bought to life, and curiousity was inspired for the Year 2 and 3 classes this week as the Great Fire of London was re-created.

The Truro Fire Brigade were on hand to ensure safety as a model village of Tudor London was set alight to show how quickly the fire would have spread on Pudding Lane in 1666.

“It was brilliant. I loved it,” Henny told us. “The white ash was the best because it looked like snow.”

The children were given a chance to look around the engine after the fire was safely put out and talked about the importance of fire safety in modern times.

Fjola said, “Thank you to the Fire Brigade for letting us look around the fire engine and thank you for helping to light the fire and then put it out.”

Many thanks to everyone involved in this fantastic learning experience.