Date Posted... Jan 13th 2023





Learning Through Play at Pre-Prep

The rain didn’t stop play yesterday in Pre-Prep and fun and learning were seen in abundance.

Play underpins much of the learning and development of the Early Years and Key Stage 1 curriculum. Through play, children develop skills in language, listening, and social interaction. Play helps them to build confidence and problem-solving skills that will help them in more structured learning as they progress through school.

In Nursery, the children were practising getting ready to go out to play with a helpful song to encourage them to put on their coats and hats. It was lovely to see the children beaming with pride when they were all dressed and ready.

The Reception children braved the rain and participated in a series of games and challenges including ‘stuck in the mud’ and balancing on a rope path on the playground. The lesson was structured to develop their listening skills alongside more physical ones.

In Maths, Years 1 and 2 were using various tools to help find strategies for problem-solving. The Year 1s were using rekenreks, numicon and blocks to make different numbers and patterns they could then write in words and use in addition problems. The Year 2s were learning to measure accurately, finding interesting things around the classroom to measure.

It is always a joy to see these confident, independent learners enjoying their lessons every day, come rain or shine.