Date Posted... May 15th 2024




Junior Maths Challenge; Accepted!

A group of Year 6 mathematicians recently took part in the UK Maths Trust Junior Mathematical Challenge, a competition aimed at the best young mathematical minds in the UK. Targeted at a Year 8 higher level, it involves a 60-minute test of 25 multiple-choice questions that encourage mathematical reasoning, precision of thought and encourages deeper-level thinking.

Our Year 6 team did incredibly well, showing outstanding levels of courage and critical thinking. They used their metacognitive skills to break down some of the more advanced problems, some of which were extremely difficult.

Thanks to our pupils’ hard work in preparing for the competition, we achieved a high number of bronze, silver and gold awards. Well done to all of the pupils who took part, Ayden, Jensen, Oliver, George, Mia, Atti, Rosie, Jenny, Edie, Isaac, Charlie, Maya, Jack, Sylvie, Sophie, Ben, Ottilie and Rex.

A special mention must be made to Ayden, Jensen, Oliver, George and Mia who all received gold awards and who all qualified for the next round – the Junior Maths Kangaroo challenge. Congratulations again to everyone who took part and thanks to Mr Goddard for his support.