Date Posted... Sep 16th 2021

Introducing the New Head Girl and Head Boy and Our Senior Prefect Team for 2021/22

Congratulations to Lara and Ben S as they begin their Head Girl and Head Boy roles for the Academic Year 2021-22 along with Deputy Head Girl Lulu, Deputy Head Boy Seb and their Senior Prefect team:


Edward, Ellie, Orla, Grace H, Sophie, Finn, Katie, Isaac, Ollie, George, Ben T and Amy


Heads of Boarding:

Malvern:    Austeja

Trennick:   Daniel


Find out more about Lara, Ben, Lulu and Seb as we quiz them about themselves and each other in the Q&A below.


Firstly, congratulations on your new roles. What made you want to apply for the Senior Prefect Team?

Lulu – I wanted to be Deputy Head Girl as I do really like the nuts and bolts of implementing ideas.

Lara – I remember on the last day of my first year, I saw a speech by the then Head Girl Phoebe Pearsley and how she struggled with confidence. I remember thinking, wow, I’m not alone. It made me want to inspire others to grow in confidence too.

Ben – I knew I enjoyed leading, and I would like to go into the military, so this was something that would fit with that.

Seb – I am really proud to be a Truronian and wanted to be a part of the School’s community.

What do you hope to achieve in your roles this year?

Lulu – One of the first things is to include content warnings in PSHEE lessons, changing the structure slightly to be more helpful and relevant to us as pupils and students.

Lara – I want us to be more focused on charity and for there to be a greater community focus.

Ben – I would like to implement a Sixth Form mentoring programme on a broader scale across Truro School Senior.

Seb – I like the idea of celebrating our diversity. As a School, we have a host of international students, and we want to encourage storytelling to share their stories.


Tell us a bit about yourselves. What are your hobbies and interests and your favourite bits of School life?

Lulu – I have been dancing since I was three and do badminton and judo. In school, I do maths, further maths, psychology and computer science. I love the academic side of Truro School.

Lara – In school, my main thing is the Charity Committee. Outside of school, I like to play the guitar to relax and spend time with my family. My favourite aspect of Truro School life is the teachers. I think I’ve been taught by everyone in the Language Department now, and I’ve grown up with them. It feels very personal, and I feel supported by them academically and pastorally.

Ben – Inside of school, I like going to the gym with my friends, and outside of school, I enjoy being active, mountain biking, climbing, going on hikes and so on. My favourite part of Truro School is the students. Life here is more gentle than other larger colleges. As a Sixth Form, we are really close.

Seb – I particularly enjoy economics and would like to read that at university. Outside of school, I do karate and then enjoy surfing and chilling. I love the community atmosphere here at Truro School. Things like our chapel services, friends, and the outdoor space mean that Truro School is a lifestyle. Although we are here to be taught, and we are taught well, Truro School is more than just a school.


And finally, let’s hear from the others!

Ben, what makes Lara such a fantastic Head Girl and what unique characteristics does she bring to the role? And Lara, what makes Ben such a great Head Boy?

Ben – Lara does all of the languages and RS A-Level and is really, really driven. I think part of that comes from the amount of work she does, but she is also really organised. She is more action-based in her role; Lara can take opinions and makes decisions. She shows outstanding leadership.

Lara – Ben genuinely cares about people. When he listens, he focuses just on that person and asks how people are with genuine interest. He really cares about people.

And Lulu and Seb, please can you describe each other in three words?

Lulu – Seb is very enthusiastic and caring and is also great at being open-minded and looking at the bigger picture.

Seb – Lulu is incredibly goal-focused, hard-working and organised. She is also a kind, patient and nice person.