Date Posted... May 8th 2024



Introducing Coding at Prep

A group of pupils from Prep got to grips with an introduction to the world of coding today. The session, led by Robert Wiltshire, Education Outreach and Digital Skills Developer at Tech Cornwall, provided the class with a valuable insight into Python, a popular programming language. Python is used in AI, machine learning and data analysis and lets users work quickly and integrate systems effectively.

Coding is a vital skill that our pupils will undoubtedly encounter more and more in their futures. Tech Cornwall is at the heart of software development in Cornwall and hopes to create a pool of talent from within the county by investing in education.

For our session, the budding coders used Microbit, a programmable board with two buttons, a microphone, LEDS and various other items to develop projects. Usually a topic for 3rd Years, our Prep group quickly got to grips with how to enter code and then see the results coming to ‘life’ on the Microbit. They were able to create smiley (and sad) faces, play music and create basic sequences through their coding prowess.

A huge thank you to Robert for this brilliant outreach session. For more information on Tech Cornwall, please visit Tech Cornwall – Empowering Innovation.