Date Posted... Sep 8th 2023




Inspiring Words at Prep

Positive choices were on the agenda at today’s Prep assembly. Led by Mr Morse, pupils were taken through the new behaviour initiative being launched this term at Truro School Prep. The policy encourages positive choices but acknowledges that, when learning, we will all get things wrong at times. The behaviour policy helps to guide children to make good choices and to support them to turn their behaviour around when they take a wrong turn.

Mr Morse told the pupils, “We will get things wrong, especially if we are being courageous. Trust your conscience or ask your support team if you are unsure about what to do next. You are free to make choices, but not free from the consequences of your choices. But we can always ask for help and remember that poor choices are a learning opportunity.”

Mr Morse encouraged the children to remember how good it feels when we make a good choice or do something for someone else. The positive feedback we receive will make us want to do good again and again and again. He challenged the children to see how many positive choices they could make in a day, with at least nine good choices being made for every poorer choice each day.