Date Posted... Feb 5th 2021

House Competition Week 5

Lockdown House Competition Week 5 Challenges

1. Staff Baby Photo Challenge

Can you recognise your teachers from their baby photo?

Simply click on the links below and see how many you can guess! Bonus points available if you get them all correct. Prep pupils click on ‘Prep’; Senior pupils click on ‘Senior’.

2. Being Helpful Challenge – ‘Helping at Home’

Can you be helpful at home? What can you do to make your parents’ life easier?
Some ideas: Wash the car, walk and brush the dog, weed the flower bed, fold the washing, change a bed… For every entry, you will receive a point.
Please send all submissions to [email protected] by Wednesday 10 February, 9am. Include a photo if you can.

3. Favourite Joke Challenge

Send us your favourite joke. Can you make us laugh?

Please email your joke by Wednesday 10 February, 9am [email protected] to enter.

4. Special Half Termly Challenge

This special challenge will run throughout lockdown until half term Please ensure you have submitted your entry by Wednesday 10 February.
Complete the form via this LINK to submit your entry Please ensure you complete this challenge following all government guidance. How high can each house climb together? As a combined total will your house climb the equivalent of Brown Willy, Snowden, K2, Everest…?
Your challenge climb:
1. Using a single step repeatedly or a flight of stairs, count how many steps you climb. Set yourself a time limit which is suitable to your ability. 1 minute, 10 minutes, 20 minutes…. it is your choice.
2. Track your climb by using a fitness tracker or equivalent and upload your evidence. If you don’t have a device, ask a parent to count with you and they can be your evidence.
3. Complete the form via this LINK to submit your entry:
Please submit your entry via the link above, however if you have a photo of yourself completing the challenge please upload it via the Form or send it to [email protected]. Please include your name, form and competition house with your entry.

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