Date Posted... Mar 5th 2024

Gool Peran Lowen – Happy St Piran’s Day

St Piran’s Day, the national day of Cornwall, is celebrated on March 5 every year and is joyously observed in both the Prep and Senior schools. The day was marked by the sight of Cornish flags fluttering in the wind and the delicious smell of pasties at lunchtime.

In a morning assembly, Mrs Richards honoured Emily Hobhouse, a pioneering Cornish woman and humanitarian and 1st Years started the day with some well-known Cornish songs. The festivities continued in the City with the St Piran’s Day parade, where Mr Churcher and a group of brass players accompanied the parade and the spirited chants of “Oggy oggy oggy” and cheers of “Kernow Bysvyken!”

The patron saint of St Piran, who, legend says, arrived in Cornwall from Ireland in the fifth century, is credited with the discovery of tin and remains a cherished part of Cornish tradition.

Special thanks to the grounds team for this year’s spring flower display and for creating the splendid St. Piran’s flag artwork overlooking the Trafalgar roundabout and the Garden of Celebration lawn.