Date Posted... Mar 29th 2021

Girls’ Boarding Blog

And here it is, the final blog of the Spring term.

This time last year I wrote a blog that, as I described it, reflected on a term like no other and I cannot believe that we are in a similar position once again; what a year! The Spring term started back in January and although really not that long ago, the days of just Hattie, Jess, Leora and Angie seem like a distant memory and the evenings spent doing jigsaw puzzles and playing countless board games, a lifetime ago.

It has been great to have the house a little fuller for the last three weeks and lovely to have the junior girls in Malvern! As ever, all the girls have taken the transition back to boarding life and back into classroom in their stride and I have nothing but admiration for how they have, yet again, embraced change and all that the pandemic has meant for their education, their social lives and their usual way of living.

Tuesday marked the anniversary of the UK’s first lockdown due to coronavirus and was observed with a minutes silence by all. For me this meant reflecting on all that this year has taught me whilst also remembering all those that have been directly affected by the virus, the many lives that have been lost and changed and just how far we have all come as a community.

Many things have not happened in the usual way and creative solutions have needed to be sought. The famous pupil-led junior and senior charity concerts provide one such example. Both were broadcast this week and both were as amazing as ever! The talent here at Truro School is immense and it was wonderful to watch the concerts and marvel at the performances that included a number of the boarders! If you did not manage to catch it, or donate to the chosen charities, there is still time to do so before the end of term here.

Saturday morning was a much slower start for everyone, with a few very sleepy girls just about managing to surface for brunch at 10am. But soon after a hearty breakfast, many felt more energised and were ready to face a morning of study, a trip to town or a session at the gym.

For others, a bit more help getting into the day was needed – and what is better for a quick pick me up than a coffee tasting session! Our two coffee lovers, Amy and Jess, set out to blind-sample a selection of connoisseur coffees they had had specially delivered. This coffee was fresh – having arrived as beans or only just ground. The quest was to find the perfect cup of coffee and the girls assumed their role as judge with much sincerity and commitment. The first test was ‘the nose’, followed quickly by ‘the taste’.

While the hidden packaging concealed evocative adjectives, our girls had a descriptive language all of their own: rich and aromatic, was replaced with pungent and smelly; and nutty, rustic, crisp acidity and earthy, became fishy and surgical; well-balanced, full-bodied, smooth and velvety was replaced with ‘doesn’t taste weird’ or ‘easy to drink kitchen coffee’. Good effort girls, but sorry – a bit more practice may be needed before this family-run coffee company is quite ready to you on their marketing team.

On Saturday afternoon it was up to the Leith’s Cookery School for some pre-Easter Feast Preparation. Everyone got to make their own Hot Cross Buns as recipes were adapted for those who needed vegan and gluten free ingredients.

On Saturday evening, after a macaroni cheese, veggie curry or veggie lasagne supper, there was not a lot of energy in Malvern. I managed to coax a few of the girls down for a game or two of Rummikub (we have a new convert in Amy). Films were watched by others and for some, the week had been too much, and early nights were had.

The clocks sprung forward an hour during the night on Saturday and made for some sleepy girls at roll call on Sunday morning. A hearty brunch soon saw this off and the girls were determined to have a productive day. There was much studying, the odd trip to town/Tesco and even some packing.

Immediately after brunch I coerced the junior girls into being the ‘Easter bunny’ for the Trennick boys, hiding some 60 chocolate eggs/rabbits on the terraces.

The boys dutifully reciprocated, returning the favour later in the afternoon and at 1.30pm it became apparent that the chocolate armed visitors had left treats in abundance. The girls, having quickly thrown their trainers on, were out of the door and up on the terraces outside of the main school hunting!

Having decided they had found all that were hidden the girls retreated with their stash and enjoyed indulging back at the house! I was left wondering though….were there still any out there? I know I will be looking, subtly, when I walk up the hill to school in the morning….

Sunday afternoon saw Rosie and Freya walk to Boscawen, Lisa pop to Tesco and Amy and Charlotte play table tennis. Jess, Phoebe and Hattie got a couple of hours of hard study in and further chess games were battled. It was supper time before we knew it and Cath’s roast beef did not disappoint!

After supper, it was back to house for prep, bed stripping and a little bit of packing. There was a mass Uno game before roll call too and then some more chess.

All that remains for me to do is wish the girls, and you all, a very happy Easter. I am looking forward to having both houses open again after the break and have everything crossed that we will be able to enjoy a more ‘normal’ Summer term, making the most of all that Cornwall has to offer, spending time as a community and seeing the 2020-2021 academic year out with a bang!

Before I sign off, I also want to thank the boarding staff team for all of their hard work this term! It has certainly been a huge team effort with everyone really going above and beyond the realms of the normal job. I wish them all a restful and week deserved break!

Mrs Mulready (Housemistress, Girls’ Boarding) and Ms Fiol (Resident Tutor)