Date Posted... Jul 5th 2021

Girls’ Boarding Blog

We had only had four girls in this weekend and it has been a very relaxed affair – other than a petrol filled couple of hours which I will tell you about in a moment!

The week started with our talented musical maestros rehearsing and recording their Summer Concert with Mr Palmer and Mr Thomson. The recording was aired on Friday night.

Not only will you see many talented students playing their instruments and singing their hearts out but you will also see our very own Amy and Issy T. Issy T introduces her own composition “Dramatic Heart” and she goes on to sing the most beautiful, heartfelt song. It is just gorgeous. Well done Issy and well-done Amy for accompanying her so well.

Wednesday evening after supper I took the Senior girls and boys on a little orienteering trip. I dropped them at a village called Tresillian, handed them a map and sent them on their way. They were to follow the map, check in with Mr Hatfield who was stationed at the half way point and get themselves back to school. It was a beautiful evening and they all successfully made it home in time for pizza and chat in the Malvern courtyard.
On Thursday and Friday our girls attended both in person and online their “Post-18 Follow Up” days. They spent some time looking over the all-important university application forms (UCAS forms), completing independent study and starting their personal statements.

Friday evening arrived and as Amy travelled off to a Fencing camp in Nottingham, AJ and Issy F took up the challenge of the weekly baking bag from the Cookery School. The girls did a great job and Malteser cupcakes were enjoyed by all – even the boys as some of them popped down to raid our snack box and watch a movie.

Saturday morning arrived and after a good tummy stuffing with Kath’s breakfast brunch selection I headed off to the Camel Trail with the Juniors and the Malvern girls spent the day packing, visiting town, doing laundry various other practical pre-travel/ pre-end of the school year activities. I have been very grateful to both AJ and Issy this weekend for their help packing up the boarding house ready for the summer holidays.

Saturday evening the girls – and the non-football loving boys from Trennick – came down to eat more of our snacks and to watch a movie. It was a long one at 2hr 20 mins! However, they all thoroughly enjoyed jumping at the dramatic bits – at one stage I wasn’t sure if they were secretly watching the England game as they screamed just as Harry Kane scored his second goal!

After a nice long lie in and some torrential rain, the girls and I made our way up to Sunday brunch. The weekend trip – which Mr Copeland took the girls on – was some petrol fuelled go-karting excitement. The girls had a fab time!

My day was slightly more sombre as I completed more of the packing up of the house. As I removed decorative items, packed boxes and took down display boards I could hear the sounds of the full boarding house playing in my head – back in the Autumn term when all the girls were here…Carlotta and Steph making up their dance routines, Kristina doing nails, Jess baking, Katie and Issy playing music together, Lisa making nachos or making us laugh, Hattie wanting to play Scrabble with me…and so many other memories and happy times here in Malvern. As Mrs Mulready said last week in her blog, I am leaving boarding at the end of the term (although I am not leaving Truro School). I will forever look back fondly on my time in boarding and I hope that the girls that you have left in our care this academic year will also remember their time here with fondness and with friendships that will carry them through the rest of their lives.

On that note, I sign off my last blog with a thank you to Mrs Mulready and all the boarding team for their support this year and to Kath for feeding me so well whilst on duty and to the Caretakers for their help with minibuses, fire alarms and the like. I will miss you all very much, but I hope to keep in touch and keep up to date on how the girls are doing when they return in September.

I wish our leavers the very best of luck with the next chapters of their lives and I wish all our Malvern families a very happy and relaxing summer – see you again soon.

Mrs Joanna Wood (Resident Tutor – for two more days)

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” (Malcolm X)