Date Posted... Nov 18th 2021

Getting Under the Bonnet with the SFD

The new Sixth Form Diploma, Diploma Aspire, was launched this term to support our students with a guided framework of exciting opportunities within supra-curricular, personal growth and leadership and service.

The Diploma, built around the core A-Level offering, is designed to be choice-driven, enabling students to more easily evidence their achievements and developments while providing them with valuable skills beyond schooling or qualifications.

Sessions are scheduled during free periods, ensuring a healthy balance between academic and social lives is maintained.

This week, our Sixth Formers were in the driving seat, taking part in one of this term’s modules, Car Maintenance. Led by Graeme from Driveline, the sessions combine basic vehicle checks with practical support on identifying and handling basic faults.

During the hands-on session, students learnt about POWDER:

Petrol/diesel/AdBlue; don’t mix them up; fill up before you leave.

Oil; check your engine oil, brake fluid and power steering.

Water; check your engine coolant level and washer bottle.

Damage; if damage to your vehicle causes injury, the responsibility is yours.

Electrics; check your lights, wipers and horn.

Rubber; check the tread, look for damage and check the air in your tyres. Check the wipers, hoses and belts.

To complement this module, students can also choose sessions in Driving Theory and are gifted with a free Highway Code. Truro School also pays for students’ first driving lesson once they are 17.

Other electives this term include scuba diving, mandarin and lifeguarding. We look forward to bringing you more news on the Diploma Aspire soon.

For more information about Sixth Form at Truro School and the Diploma Aspire, please visit Diploma Aspire – Truro School.