Date Posted... Apr 24th 2024

Getting A Taste for Languages in Year 5

This term, our Year 5 linguists are delving deeper into the culture around the languages they are learning by looking into the traditional foods associated with them.

Pupils in Year 5 study a different language each term, rotating around French, Spanish and German. In the summer term, each class then visits Truro School Cookery, for a cookery workshop based on that language.

On the menu for 5CD was German, with a delicious recipe for a spiced apple, cherry and sultana plait being made as a nod to the German strudel.

Not only is this a fantastic way to learn new vocabulary, it is also a wonderful opportunity for our Year 5s to experience the facilities and teaching at the Senior School, in this case, our state-of-the-art kitchen led by Mr Rosenthal. Future sessions will include French and Spanish cuisine, which we are confident will be equally as delicious.