Date Posted... Aug 20th 2020

GCSE Results Day 2020

We are delighted to share the GCSE and iGCSE results with our pupils today, grades that were generated following government guidance with integrity and robustness. After the cruel uncertainties surrounding this year’s examination and results processes, we are thrilled that this year group now have the outstanding results they deserve. Over two thirds of grades awarded were 9-7 (or A*/A), with a quarter at grade 9. Twenty-one of our pupils achieved 9 or more GCSEs at grades 9,8 or A*.

It is an exceptional year in many respects, but to trumpet these statistics out of context would be disingenuous. What is of more importance as a school community is that this well-motivated, multi-talented, and driven year-group have been justly rewarded for battling their way through extremely challenging circumstances with such character and resilience.

This 2020 Lower Sixth cohort sees a 33% increase in pupil numbers compared to last year, including over 20 new joiners, with all the vibrancy this brings.

Andy Johnson, incoming Head of Truro School, commented, “We are proud to acknowledge this exceptional and pioneering year group, before moving forwards to concentrate on preparing them and the school, for full reopening at the start of the new term. All these pupils are well positioned for the excitement and opportunity of Sixth Form study at Truro School, based on more than simply their grades, but having also benefited from an extensive academic, pastoral, and co-curricular enrichment programme put in place by creative teachers during lockdown and what would otherwise have been public examinations season last term.”

He went on to say, “I begin my own journey at the School as the new Head paying tribute to the fortitude and potential of the pupils, and the dedication and expertise of the staff. It is to the immense credit of all that so much has been achieved across what has been such a challenging and unpredictable time. It also bodes well for the exciting future of the School.”

Andrew Gordon-Brown, outgoing Headmaster of Truro School, commented, “I am so pleased that our 5th Year students have reached this important milestone in their education with such a well-deserved and impressive set of results. They have responded so well to my challenge to continue the Truro School tradition of strong academic achievement alongside the development of personal qualities and skills to become our Sixth Form leaders and role models. Well done indeed!”

Students react to their results:


When I opened my results I was really pleased and a bit surprised to be honest ; I got 11 9s and 1 A*
Next year I’m doing A levels in Spanish, history, maths and German. I’m looking forward to using the sixth form facilities, in particular the café! All the teachers were amazing but in particular I would like to thank Miss Egar who really helped me with my English.


I was very pleased with the results, Nine 9s, one 8 and one A*. Due to all the confusion surrounding the grading process I had been anxious about my grades, and so it has been a relief to see that I have succeeded in all my subjects.I am doing A-Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

All my subject teachers have been incredibly supportive and so I would like to thank all of them for helping me to achieve this standard. I would also like to thank other staff, such as heads of departments, who were always happy to take time outside of school hours to help deepen my understanding. I started at Truro School in the third year, having moved from Australia and having already attended two other secondary schools. This has helped me to appreciate how supportive the teaching staff have been at Truro School.

I have a severe food allergy, and I would like to thank the school support staff, especially the nurses and catering department, whose care and attention to detail have made my last three years at the school a lot less stressful; this has enabled me to better concentrate on my academic work.


The grades I received were seven 9’s, one A*, two 8’s and one 7. I am very overwhelmed and happy with these grades. Next year I am studying Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Geology. I would like to thank all my teachers and the clinics that they have set up to support us with our grades and especially Miss Hope who was my form tutor for two years.


I got nine 9s, an A* and an 8.

I was delighted with the results I was working towards and I am relieved as I was worried with the uncertainty of what could happen.

Next year I am studying French, German, Spanish and RS. I have enjoyed them so much in the past and am looking forward to learning more. I love languages and it is lovely to know that I will be taught by the whole MFL department.

I am looking forward to being in class again and the changes that being in 6th form will bring. I am excited to see my friends again and to meet new people coming from other schools.

I am thankful to all the teachers I have had in my time at Truro School. I have received great support in every department. I have enjoyed my time and I can’t wait for the next two years at Truro School.


I received 7 x 9’s, 1 x A* and 3 x 8’s, I feel happy! Also very relieved that I’d managed to get some good results, especially in the subjects I am taking at A-Level, Maths, Geology, Chemistry and the Leith’s Certificate at Truro School.

I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and being able to use the Sixth Form Common Room and Café at last. I’d like to thank all my GCSE teachers but especially my form tutor Mrs Stone.


I got 5 9s (Bio, Chem, Maths, Physics and Geology), 3 8s (English language, Further Maths and PE), an A* for English Literature and 2 7s (DT and RS) this year, but I also got 2 more 9s when I did 2 fast track courses for Music and Chinese last year.

Unfortunately, I will be leaving the school this year, but I am looking forward to continuing to study the subjects I love, Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

I would like to thank all my teachers that have helped me along the way and especially the housemasters that have taken care of me in boarding, as I spent 2 years in the lovely boarding community of Truro School.


I received nine 9s, one 8 and an A*. I felt extremely pleased when I read the results as they were exactly what I’d been hoping for and they felt like a great conclusion to what has been an interesting and not entirely ideal 5th year. I’m glad I could walk away with a very strong set of results, although I wish we could have gone into school to collect them just for some finality.

Next year I will be studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Further Maths; as well as completing an EPQ. I’m most looking forward to studying the subjects I enjoy so much in more detail, facing new challenges, starting rowing as my main sport and engaging in as many parts of school life as possible. The teachers I would most like to thank are Dr Spring and Mr Gustafson. They have pushed me and extended me, making their respective subjects completely fascinating and totally engaging. They made every lesson a pleasure and I can’t thank them enough.


Four 9s, two 8s, one 7, two 6s, one A*. It felt almost surreal, kind of like everything this year. Usually when you take an exam of some kind you have a feeling of how it went and can almost know what kind of grades you’d receive. But this time there was no way of knowing, which almost made the whole situation a little nerve racking. Once I had seen my results though it felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt so relieved and happy with my results.

I’m looking forward to being able to study, in depth, subjects that I really enjoy. Plus having more independence and being treated more like adults.

I’d like to thank Ms Wormald who has been the most incredible form tutor I could have ever had. She always went above and beyond for every student and I was so lucky to have her.


11 9s (12 including the music GCSE which I did a year early) and 1 A*. I was absolutely ecstatic when I read the results. I was especially pleased about my grade in physics as I’d been working hard on it throughout the year. Next year I’m taking four A levels, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and History. I am looking forward to the start of the academic year as it will be good to get back to some form of routine.

I am grateful to all my teachers and the help I’ve received over the years, but I’d like to thank Mr Pomery and Dr Spring in particular. I’ve had Mr Pomery as a teacher in my school life over all 5 years, starting as a form tutor in 1st year and a geography teacher in my last, and I’ve had many interesting discussions with Dr Spring in history during my 5th year which inspired me to take history as my fourth A level.