Date Posted... Nov 24th 2022

From Skip to Stage; the Les Mis Muskets

From skip to the stage, the fantastic muskets being used in our School Performance of Les Mis have been lovingly handmade from re-purposed wood.

The twenty muskets used by the Army and Revolutionaries on stage this week were made by Andrew Gill, father of cast members Diggory and Celia, and Vice-Chair of the Friends of Truro School (FTS).

Mr Gill spotted the opportunity to salvage some roof trusses, which had been stripped from the roof during the restoration of the Graham Smith Building at Truro School. With permission, Mr Gill saved the wood and re-purposed it into twenty, authentic-looking muskets.

These fantastic muskets, seen here in rehearsals, are a key prop in the stunning stage show and we would like to thank Mr Gill for his entrepreneurialism, care and outstanding craftsmanship.