Date Posted... May 18th 2023

Fluvial Processes Explored in Geography Fieldtrip

3rd Year geographers were able to put their classroom knowledge into practice this week on a field trip to the Kenwyn River.

In a carefully orchestrated plan that allowed all of the 3rd Years to participate across two days, pupils gained practical experience in river studies in three locations in Kenwyn.

Pupils donned their wellies to measure the width and depth of a transect of the river, before using an orange to measure the velocity. This involved some excellent fielding skills to ensure the orange was not lost to the faster-flowing sections.

They repeated these scientific recordings in two further locations, before using their evaluation and analysis techniques to draw conclusions and summarise their findings.

These hands-on experiences are vital in bringing subjects to life and the beautiful setting and weather made this a hugely enjoyable trip. With a huge thanks to Mrs Wormald and all of the staff who make these trips possible.