Date Posted... Sep 22nd 2023

First Value Awards Presented

The first recipients of our new School Values Awards were presented with their awards on Thursday. Chosen by the Heads of Year, these fortnightly awards are given to recognise pupils who show Courage, Curiosity, Confidence, Creativity or Compassion; going above and beyond in their day-to-day duties to add value to our wider school community.

Congratulations to the following pupils;

Indie; for being brave in navigating a difficult challenge and working with teachers to find a solution.

John; for showing patience, consideration and compassion to others. John went above and beyond to support another pupil without being prompted to. His inclusive and kind approach is to be encouraged and celebrated.

Ameera; for her positive mindset and for having the courage to share it with a group of her fellow peers during a lunchtime conversation in the Form room. Her ability to share showed both compassion and courage and all who were present felt uplifted, inspired and grateful.

Marcus; for keeping their form’s plant alive over the summer, unprompted. All forms have a plant to care for, to remind them of the importance of looking after themselves and each other.

Daisy; for her selection for the GB U17 Pentathlon Team in an Olympic Hopefuls event in Poland in October. Daisy has shown dedication, courage and resilience – always with an infectiously positive attitude.

Luca; for having the courage to join English A-Level when Italian is his first language and enriching the set’s understanding of the poetry of William Blake through his knowledge of Italian poetry.

Seb; for helping the Fencing Staff with 20 complete novice fencers during WAA. Seb came at lunch to get all the kit out, helped coach, keep them safe, crowd control, he was brilliant and the session was such a success!

Well done to everyone who received the award, we look forward to sharing more of these as the year progresses.